How could I be so blind?

Bijgewerkt: jul 21

How could I be so blind?

There was time and the freedom to visit you,

share with you, cherish you,

but I did not

There seemed to be no time or room

for that beautiful smile, a tear, the silence

or the murmurings between us

free from screens or masks

I long to see you

because I love you

In our need for progress

we rushed past each other

and ignored ourselves.

We destroyed without a second thought

aware of what we did.

No time for turning back

too busy in a virtual reality

of economic growth and moving on.

Is it now the time to learn?

The truth is being laid bare

and spares us not.

Why should she?

We have not valued her.

Our forests and rivers,

pollution free skies

our brothers and sisters,

the animals

all of nature!

And you, Great Mystery,

you were always there

My heart, Your heart

throughout the whole

Our all-embracing Mother Earth

I revere You

a deep bow


Nature Speaks

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